In nature squirrels are cute. In your home they are noisy, destructive and smelly. Squirrels, being rodents, are compelled to chew to keep their teeth worn down. So they chew on various materials in your house: plastic pipe, vents, wires, wood, and siding. Chewed plastic pipes can cause flooding.
The first reason most people give for getting rid of squirrels is noise. But noise is the least of your problems. Damage from chewing can cause everything from expensive maintenance needs to floods and fires. Disease transmission from squirrels and the insects and parasites that live with them is also a big issue.
Usually homeowners are alerted to squirrels by noise. Quick scurrying, thumping and scratching sounds come from attics, walls, or chimneys. The second alert is visible damage to the home including chewed holes or urine stains seeping through ceilings. Strong, highly unpleasant smells are an additional indicator. If you see squirrels at bird feeders or pet bowls on your property, there is a significant chance they are also in your home and you just havenít noticed yet.

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