There are forty species of snakes in Alabama. Six of them are venomous. Most Alabama snakes are not venomous and should be left undisturbed whenever possible. Snakes eat rodents and insects; and, king snakes eat other snakes – including venomous ones.

If you are bothered by the presence of a snake around your home, you should take steps to clear your property of habitat that would be attractive to them. Piles of firewood or debris and tall grassy or overgrown areas are attractive spots for foraging anddenning.

Despite your best efforts to discourage snakes from inhabiting your home and garden, you may find an occasional unwelcomed guest of the reptilian persuasion lurking about. DeKay’s Brown snakes (non-venomous) are sometimes found swimming in pools, and rat snakes (also non-venomous) have been found in garages, chicken coops, and the occasional toilet! Before you decide to kill a snake in your garden or barn, you should determine whether or not the snake poses a danger.

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